The happy couple

The happy couple

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So I haven't posted in a while and have some updates. Keith and I are doing well and enjoying the first signs of spring. We have lost all of the snow on our lawn already and are already itching to put our deck furniture out!
We are also officially expecting our first child and I am due 9/22. I am 15 weeks this week and have been feeling great! I am definitely not showing at all, which I am sure makes it hard for Keith since he can't really "see" that I am pregnant, but we have seen the little spud a few times and there really is something in there! :-) We are very excited and can't wait to share our lives with a child and start our family.
Married life is fantastic as well. I am blessed to come home to my best friend every day (especially when he has dinner waiting)! I have also been busy with school taking two classes right now as I start my adventure of nursing school. Yes, for those wondering, I am still going to tackle school now that we are expecting, but might have to change my route of attack slightly. I anticipate to be done shortly after my original date and I will work hard to stick to that. Life will be busy but with the support of each other and our amazing family and friends, we will make it through this adventure and move on to our next one! Thank you to all who continue to support us and for those that are as eagerly anticipating the arrival of our little boy/girl as we are! FYI, we will not be finding out what we are having until the day the beautiful one arrives (sorry Nikki), so hold your questions and let the anticipation build! I will post some "belly" pictures once I have something more than just some "fat shifting" as my doctor currently describes it. I am still in that awkward phase of looking like I have put on a few pounds. Hopefully in a few weeks, I can have something to show for others! I will keep you all posted!

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Congratulations to the happy couple!