The happy couple

The happy couple

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Another holiday season is among us and I feel the crunch of the economy more now than ever. The country is a scary place right now and I am taking a moment to appreciate the great things in my life that I have.
1. I have the best husband in the world. I wake up every morning (sometimes when he goes to work WAY too early) feeling blessed that I have him in my life. He treats me like I am the most beautiful woman in the world, something that all women know just doesn't feel so true some days. I know he would do anything for me and I thank my lucky stars every day that I have the chance to share my life with him. How did I get so lucky?
2. I have a WONDERFUL family. I have two of the best parents in the world. I was blessed with an amazing childhood growing up with 2 sisters and a brother (poor guy). They have given the family (or will be in a few weeks) 7 beautiful children, each very happy and healthy.

3. I have a job...something I need to appreciate more than ever right now. It might not be the ideal job for me and the commute might be daunting, but I am lucky to have a job to go to.
4. I have a house that is heated. Although filling the oil tank will seem like we are going broke, we appreciate the fact that we can. I can't imagine struggling to pay for heat, something we try not to take for granted.
5. I have health. Although I have been nothing short of ridiculous with my physical fitness this past year, I am blessed to be healthy. I know many are not and I will make it my goal to support myself more with my health so I can live a long life with the wonderful people around me.
6. I have AMAZING friends. We are both very lucky to have friends that would bend over backwards for each other. Although many of my close friends are not close by, they are always in my heart. I know in times of trouble I could call any of them and they would drop anything to be there for me. We both appreciate the gift of friendship that surrounds us.

As I get caught up in the holiday craziness, I am going to try and remember these wonderful things I have in my life. I know many are much less fortunate than we are and this time of year always reminds me of those that struggle each day. I thank God for my life and everything in it and hope someday to share our lives with a child...or two. NO, whomever reads this line thinking we are expecting, we are not...sorry if anyone got excited by that! Someday soon though, our time will come.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Winter is coming

I can't believe the fall is over already. Halloween has come and gone. We didn't dress up as anything, so no fun pictures to show, but we sure saw a lot of cute kids! Our friends and family have the cutest kids! I realized today that without kids, our blog seems pretty boring. I guess we are waiting for more exciting times in life to blog about. Right now, we are pretty boring people I think. After an exciting year of building a house and planning a wedding, we are enjoying our time together and waiting for the next exciting adventure to come into our lives! I am thinking we need to go on a trip somewhere this year...maybe somewhere warm!